NuNu Distribution delivering some of the best audio products available

NuNu's deidcated audio and home theatre products are distributed through authorised UK dealers. As part of the dealer process we ensure that their sales personnel are given comprehensive training on the products we supply. Customers can therefore be confident of being both well informed and properly advised before they make a purchase.

Our portfolio consists of carefully chosen brands that will complement the manufacturers you already stock and enable you to give your clients the choice which will suit them.

NuNu Distribution also provide after sales technical support service. This provides both dealers and customers with a comprehensive support covering repairs, updates to existing equipment and refurbishment of older products up to original specification.

We share your passion for high end audio. We are equally passionate about applying our knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the very best from your system. Whether you are seeking assistance with components, installation, system matching or simply some advice, our expert opinion is always on hand to assist.

Whether you are seeking Ultra high end equipment like TAD Labs, Oracle or Brodmann or simply looking for a nice lift in performance with SSC's isolation products. Need to change that rack for something a little more stylish? yet offering greater sonic performance then Creaktiv have the products for you. Musical high end amplification from Belles can certain put a smile on many customers' faces to such home grown talent as Renaissance Amplification, Sonneteer Audio. Speakers from that very well respected manufacturer Quadral will both delight and entertain with the very unique Thomas Scherer Evinces that will captivate the listener with their seductive sounds.

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