Scherer Speakers

Scherer speakers

NuNu Distribution has been appointed the official UK and US Distributor for these truly alternative speakers. At NuNu we are admirers of the different and the bold innovators in musical reproduction. Now you can sample some of these wonderful products, through our UK dealer network.

At SCHERER their philosophy of design is simple. New concept strategies whilst refining to exacting standards, some more traditional methods of loudspeaker design with a Scherer twist. Thomas Scherer (Owner of Scherer Audio engineering) is one of those designers whose commitment to all aspects of the project can only be described as totally immersive. Not one single stage of the design criteria is over looked, from driver selection, cross over components and design, cabinet geometry to speaker final tuning and voicing all receive the Scherer treatment of highly skilled engineer with a real zest for producing innovative musical speakers.

Thomas has a great passion for music and it's reproduction in a correct and natural manner.Using his talent he has created the stunning Evince and Elation speakers. Thomas is a committed member of the Audio Engineering Society and Analogue Audio Association.

Both the Evince and Elation models deliver music in a natural, open, totally coherent and engaging manner, that will cause you to revisit your music collection again and again for those special moments that produce "hairs on the back of your neck" experience on a regular basis. Find out why Scherer Audio Engineering is such a joy to listen to contact one of our many dealers for an audition today.

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