SPEC Corp Electronics of Japan

Acoustic Revive of Japan

Acoustic Revive are one of those great audio companies that quietly work away in the background producing high quality audio system and room enhancement products to an exacting standard with one of those rare traits in audio:- they real deliver the sonic goods!

All Acoustic Revive products are designed, built and manufactured in Japan to very demanding standards. The brain child of talented designer Ken Ishiguro who uses local Japanese craftsmen, specialist materials and knowhow to produce these quite special products that have won a significant number of audio awards the world over.

From a single RYG-1 spade connector to the superb RTP-6 ultimate power distribution every component is painstakingly assembled with great love and care. Acoustic Revive have built an enviable reputation among the audiophile community worldwide by delivering high quality system improving products that have gained praise and industry recognition from some of the top audio industry press. Find out why these superb products are so well regarded contact your local NuNu dealer for further information.

Acoustic Revive Product Range