Belles Aria's

Belles Amplification has been a staple here at NuNu Distribution since our inception for a very good reason, Dave Belles manufactures incredibly musical and engaging designs that captivate the listeners imagination. This new Aria range of amplifiers is imbibed with an innate musicality and natural flow that delivers a non fuss performance of your favourite music, small in stature, but not in sound the Aria range of amplifiers will allow you to truly re discover music all over again.

Simplicity. It has been a cornerstone of David Belles audio design philosophy for nearly 40 years. Over that span of time each successive generation of Belles amplifier or preamplifier has surpassed the last. And yet all have embodied the same mantra of simplicity. Form is driven by function. A straight line is the shortest circuit path.

The technical embodiments of the amplifier are simply a means to an end. As with all Belles products, the objective is to create a musical delivery system which is as faithful as possible to the source. Of course, pretty much all audio companies make this claim. We invite you to visit a Belles dealer. Bring some of your favorite recordings and run the amp through its paces. You will discover a truly superlative audio experience does not have to come at a high price.

Experiance the Belles Aria components at selected Belles dealers, contact us for your nearest dealer that carries these superb amplifers.

Belles Aria Range