Brodmann Acoustics JB205 Speakers

Joesph Broadmann Seris JB205

The joy of listening to music knows no compromise through the Joseph Brodmann series JB205. The speaker is a landmark in the Audio loudspeaker design. The newest speaker design from the pen of Hans Deutsh and Brodmann was deserving of a series of their own Brodmann felt that the finished article was good enough to called after the founder of the company Joseph Brodmann.

The Joseph Brodmann JB205 speakers are the embodiment of the Brodmann ethos from which world class piano's are made. Their performance and stunning build quality are beyond reproach. Taking the concept of the very latest Vienna Classic series 7 further to achieve a superb sounding full range speaker that would grace any home with its quite breath taking finshes and hand crafted marquetry.

Brodmann's JB205's offer easy placement and simple equipment matching, together with a class leading wife friendly look coupled with over a dozen unique ultra high quality finishes. All together adding up to one beautifully looking and superb sounding speaker system you can purchase today.

Joseph Broadmann Series JB205 specifications:

  • Frequency range 20-29Khz +/-3dB
  • Acoustical Active 130 Hz - 4.5 dB/oct
  • Electrical 1.6 kHz - 5.7 dB/oct
  • Operational Output: 0.9 Watt for 91 dB/m
  • Nominal load 480Wrms
  • Music load 1000Wrms
  • Nominal Impedance 3 Ohms
  • Size 2051 mm H x 454mm x D 330mm W
  • Weight 75 Kg
Joesph Broadmann Seris JB205 Joesph Broadmann Seris JB205 Joesph Broadmann Seris JB205 Joesph Broadmann Seris JB205