Brodmann Acoustics Joseph Brodmann Signature Speakers

After 10 years of production the original VC7 loudspeaker, which was used as a reference by many famous conductors, soloists and recording studios around Europe; Brodmann felt a new standard of musical performance and design was required to keep the ever changing demanding music lover happy.

From the lessons learnt with the VC7 Brodmann have redefined the musical standard from which many others will be judged. The new Joseph Brodmann Signature Series sets a new benchmark for those music lovers seeking a totally immersive and engaging experience. The Joseph Brodmann Signature speakers combine all the patent and inventive techniques of Hans Deutsch, in exclusive cooperation with the House of Brodmann.

All of Hans Deutsch inventions and patents serve to increase true musical fidelity reproduction and enable Brodmann speakers to become "instruments". Huge acoustic sound boards, driven by second generation horn resonators, radiate the bass layers and textures with great integration in the listening room.

The speaker cabinets achieve this by their stiffness and correct sizing in conjunction with Brodmann proven technology which greatly reduces the traditional distortion generated by internal insulation of the speaker cabinets.

The Brodmann Acoustic Active crossover is designed with genuine the frequency responses that reflect the quality of the driver and cabinet engineering to greatly improve phase coherence, but also controls the handmade Brodmann Toner without inducing distortion.

The FT (Fundamental Toner System) system is formed by the upper sections of the Joseph Brodmann 205 system (JB 205), which delivers fantastic low-mid sonority, timbre, dynamics and spatial width, simply allowing the speaker to fully recreate dynamic headroom with superb linearity. The Fundamental Toner system is also connected via a pressure chamber with the ASB (Acoustic Sound Board) producing superb clean, deep, tight and textured bass.

The Pure Voice drivers are almost seamless working low-mid range drives. These support the fantastic dynamics and tone colours of the instruments and voices of the original sound images. With new grills designs in front of the speakers, visually appealing yet unusual, coupled with the Brodmann Sound-rods generate a superb sound radiation giving a incredibility believable sense of instrument placement.

The Joseph Brodmann series of speakers are Brodmann defining statement of how reproduced sound is intended to be heard, the JB series delivers effortlessly natural music in a hugely listenable way with superb dynamics, tonal quality, realistic bass response and headroom. Together with their quite stunning finishing techniques and beautiful designs, Brodmann Acoustics have produced some breath taking pieces of sheer pleasure.

Joseph Brodmann Signature series