Brodmann Acoustics Festival F2

Brodmann Acoustics F2

Much research and development has gone into developing the Festival series to enhance your listening pleasure. Brodmann designed and built the Festival FS2 for people with passion and a sense for precise sound reproduction. Enjoy this fitting entry into the world of serious high fidelity is to be heard to be believed.

Heading up the top of the Festival series in the Brodmann range is the FS2, an understated but incredibly classy looking floor standing loudspeaker that is not only finished to the incredibly high standard that Brodmann demand, but sonically too. The FS2 more than "cuts the mustard" with its superb tonality, scale and sound staging, couple this with a genuinely unforced rhythmic pace and you have a speaker that delivers one of the best long term listening propositions on the market today.

Working well with both valves and solid state amplification the FS2's get to the heart of music without fuss or effort, one of the most grain free and musical sounds available today.

The Festival series from Brodmann Acoustic is a range of products that deserves your attention from both sound and its gorgeous looks. A rare combination found in audio these days, Brodmann Acoustics rich musical history dating back nearly 200 years is imbibed in the essence of all of the Brodmann speaker ranges, however it is the Festival series that really causes a stir at events find out for youself why Brodmann Acoustics have such a following.

Brodmann Acoustics Festival FS 2 specifications:

  • Frequency range 36-25Khz +/-3dB
  • Acoustical Active 130 Hz - 4.5 dB/oct
  • Electrical 2.15 kHz - 6 dB/oct
  • Operational Output: 2.1 Watt for 91 dB/m
  • Nominal load 84Wrms
  • Music load 168Wrms
  • Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
  • Size 1112mm H x 216mm x D 275mm D
  • Weight 19Kg
Brodmann Acoustics F2 Brodmann Acoustics F2 Brodmann Acoustics F2 Brodmann Acoustics F2