Oracle Audio CD 2500 Mk IV CD Player

CD 2500 Mk IV Player

It is our belief that achieving simplicity in design is a combination of knowledge and common sense. A properly designed device creates its own form, one that reflects the beauty of its function. True artistry combines these elements by means of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

The analogue stage plays a vital role in high performance of the Oracle CD player , it filters the quantification residues , it eliminates left over pollution from the supplies in a common mode and the electrical rejections of the different internal circuitry of the CD engine drive board. Oracle new dual differential fully discrete analogue stages are state of the art and produce superb open grain free music.

The CD 2500 Mk IV harbors a new DAC board that uses the BurrBrown PCM1792 wich allows input and output of digital data of up to 24bits/192khz. The CD player uses four independant and fully discrete analog modules, one for each of the analog signals from the PCM1792. These analog modules wich have been further improoved from previous versions are at the center of the music reproduction quality. The CD 2500 Mk IV can be used as your reference DAC for other digital sources since it features a SPDIF digital signal input. Both the CD 2000 MkIII and CD 2500 Mk IV have had their power supply stage totally redesigned. There is better realism, more dynamics and we are closer to a true analog-like sound than ever!

In order to achieve an impeccable natural finish on most of the machined parts, diamond cutting tools are used extensively. Each aluminium component is hand brushed and coated with a high gloss polyester lacquer to seal and preserve the beautiful natural appearance. Oracle CD Players are praised as much for their appearance as their performance.

Oracle Audio CD 2500 MK IV Specifications

  • Solid State Chassis Brushed Aluminum with a Clear Lacquer Coating.
  • Suspension: Fully floating four point isolated CD mechanism
  • Digital output: SPDIF/BNC format
  • Digital Input : Upto and including 24/192Khz
  • Analog output : 1 Pair RCA, 1 pair XLR Balanced
  • Output Level: 0.5 Volts, peak to peak @ 75 Ohms
  • Total harmonic Distorsion: 0,0015%
  • Analog modules frequency response : 10 - 50KHz +/-0,3dB RCA
  • DAC : Burr Brown PCM1792-AG Resolution: 24bit / 192KHz
  • Signal to noise ration 129dB
  • Dynamic range: 123dB
  • Power consumption: 21W
  • Overall Dimensions: W425 x H150 x D363 mm
  • CD Player weight : 16Kg
CD 2500 Mk IV Player CD 2500 Mk IV Player CD 2500 Mk IV Player CD 2500 Mk IV Player CD 2500 Mk IV Player CD 2500 Mk IV Player