Renaissance Amplification Pre Amplifiers

All Renaissance Amplification products are designed to be practical, reliable and easy to use whilst providing exceptional performance. We want you to hear the music and not the equipment. As a very small company we compete on quality rather than quantity. New products are created only when we are confident that they will have something special to offer at their price point. From the technical point of view, all of our hi-fi products have an interesting story to tell but the whole point is to increase your listening pleasure by making music playback as involving and convincing as we can.

Moments from switching on, you will very quickly recognise you are listening to a Renaissance amplification sound system. Your attention will be focussed on the musically engaging performance. If you are listening to a specific track or composition that you know intimately, you will be discovering new aspects of the performance and may get the urge to unearth other tracks that you haven't seen your system for a while. When listening to new CD's, records or files for the first time you may well be asking yourself how musical and involving the track (s) are which may even lead you you to enjoying types of music that you previously found difficult to appreciate.

Renaissance Amplification allows you to fully appreciate and enjoy all styles and forms of music with a long term listenability that will keep you captivated for many years.

Renaissance Amplification Pre Amplifier Range