Renaissance Amplification RA-01 300B Mono Amplifier

RA-01 Valve Mono Amplifier

Are you looking to really obtain greater enjoyment from your music? Then an audition with our flagship amplifier model, the RA-01 valve amplifier is a must.

Ensuring you maximum enjoyment, the RA-01 has a mixture of traditional skills, advanced design concepts coupled with top quality parts to produce a high-performance amplifier that just produces superb music through with no hindrance.

Class A push-pull topology chosen for a number of appealing reasons:Constant load for the power supply so there is very little interaction between signal and power supply; No need for enormous reservoir capacitors so these can be selected for speed rather than energy storage capacity.Power supply hum largely cancelled. 2nd harmonic distortion largely cancelled. Distortion at lower power levels is remarkably low and contributes to the clean and natural sound.

The Renaissance RA-01's technical specifications are impressive, however in no way can they convey you just how much listening pleasure is produced with these fine amplifiers.Conservatively rated at 22 watts rms across the audio spectrum, the RA-01 monoblock amplifiers are designed to drive a wide range of loudspeakers. Because of the inherent speed and stability of this amplifier, music, speech and timbres are reproduced with the utmost clarity, intelligibility and musicallity. Above all, The RA-01's free you from the constraints of a great many traditional systems, who's inability to produce a natural, musical presentation that is free from the boundaries of the speakers, allowing you to savour the pure musical performance.

Rafal Todes was highly motivated about the sound of the Renaissance Amplification RA-01 valave mono's in his Hifi World review of May 2013 which was waward 5 globes and summing up remarks of "Fabulous sound for these 300b amplifiers a top amplifier!"

Renaissance Amplification RA-01 Specifications:

  • Power: 22W (Rms) per channel @ 8 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 0.6V @ full output
  • Freq Responce: 20Hz to 100khz (+/-3dB)
  • Distortion: < 1% @ rated power
  • Weight 15Kg
  • Size 275mm W x 430mm x D 220mm H
RA-01 Valve Mono Amplifier RA-01 Valve Mono Amplifier RA-01 Valve Mono Amplifier RA-01 Valve Mono Amplifier RA-01 Valve Mono Amplifier