Renaissance Amplification RAP-01 Valve Pre Amplifier

RAP-01 Pre Amplifier

Renaissance Amplification valve pre amplifier RAP-01 presents natural sounding music conveyed with confidence, honesty and stability: the old audio tale of rubbish in gives you rubbish out applies here. Take you system to new musical enjoyment levels with Renaissance superb valve pre amplifier the RAP-01.

Preamplifiers can be a significant bottleneck in many systems often owners under estimate the importance of a high quality pre amplifier in their system. However not so with the Renaissance Amplification RP-01 pre amplifier: Delivering unrestrained dynamics with a wide open sweet and enaging sound. This presentation generates the full portrayal of the recorded event in all its subtle detail, textural renderings and spatial cues. With superb tonal quality and pure enjoyment factor being at the forefront of the Renaissance Amplification's RAP-01 its ability to produce engaging music will ensure a long term ownership satisfaction.

Due to the RAP-01 very generous output impedance it is equally at home driving pretty much any power amplifier you care to partner this superb pre amplifier with, many customers have reported a great synergy with their solid state and digital (PWM) switching amplifiers.

Renaissance Amplification RAP-01 Specifications:

  • Gain: +15dB to -54Db in 3Db steps
  • Frequency response 20Hz to 70KHz
  • Input Imped: 100 Ohms
  • Input Imped: 100K Ohms
  • Distortion less than .012%
  • Valves: 4 X 6922
  • Size 455mm W x 310mm x D 110mm H
  • Weight 12kg
RAP-01 Pre Amplifier RAP-01 Pre Amplifier RAP-01 Pre Amplifier RAP-01 Pre Amplifier