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While at University in the late 80's and early 90's Haider Bahrani and Remo Casadei started a business to organise gigs or concerts and recordings for small bands. Haider had a band so it was mainly a vehicle for this although it did branch out to a number of other student bands. As electronics students Haider and Remo, not content with some of the sound equipment they had to hand, they modified it and often built their own. In fact Remo was known to rarely travel without a soldering iron and a multi-meter in the back of his car.

Sonneteer was born of an age when High Fidelity separates components were considered the epitome of audio reproduction equipment for the home. From the very first outing of the first prototype amplifier which was to become the Campion integrated amplifier, Sonneteer have proven that they are the epitome of a manufacturer of the ilk. The age was also still one that was synonymous with high readership numbers for magazines like Electronics World, HiFi News and HiFi World.

Why the name Sonneteer? Well Haider has a passion for writing and wanted to name products after writers and poets. The first amplifier was to become the Sonneteer Campion, after Thomas Campion. The rest of the separates range followed suit and the Bard range, in name, was barely a departure from that. The Morpheus music centre is the first not to directly pronounce one who spills their thoughts by means of a quill or a modern version thereof. Morpheus, the Greek God of dreams and is coincidentally referred to in Thomas Campion's 'The cypress curtain of the night' from the Books of Ayres was adopted for the latest music centre as it brings together all that is desired in a luxury music system of the modern day. More than enough for a poet to [ehem] muse over.

Sonneteer products are assembled by hand with one person taking responsibility for each unit made. Not one single Sonneteer music playing product leaves the workshop without being listened to by one of the founders. It is said that they can tell if an Alabster has a wrong component in it simply by listening to the first note of a melody played through it.

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