SSC Audio Isolation

SSC Audio

SSC Audio (Suspension String Concept) have producing high quality isolation devices for audio since 1997, Hand built and designed in Germany to exacting standards. Over the years the professional audio press has been very positive towards SSC and it's great sounding and sensibly priced products.

A specialist in audio accessories SSC produces pucks, bases, speaker platforms and record points for all audio components such as CD players, loudspeakers, turntables, amplifiers, pre amps and even your DVD players and network streamers. SSC offer a wide range of products to suit all forms of audio electronics, speakers and turntables. From the Net point 100 up to the lift-point 3.5's, Solo-bases, TT wall sheleves and beyond, SSC have equipment isolation all wrapped up.

Possible improvements that can benefit your customers systems include:- lower noise floor, better sense of musical timing, inner detail retrieval, greater instrument separation.

Easy to position, using Suspension String Concept isolation feet it is possible to make quality improvements to the sound of your hi fi system or to improve the performance of your home cinema system.

Engineered and made in Germany, they are a high quality but cost effective upgrades that will satisfy even the most hardened audiophile!

New for 2015 the superbly engineered Record point a dedicated record weight that incorporates SSC technology inside, constructed form aerospace grade stainless steel and aluminium the Record point has been very well received by the UK Press both Hifi Plus, Hifi choice and Hifi World have praised the SSC device highly.

SSC Audio Product Range