SSC Audio Base Classic

SSC Base Classic

SSC have custom-designed this base especially for turntables, since impact sound will indeed curtail the audiophile analogue listening pleasure. Its concept is based on two wooden slabs with the absorbing and sound-improving SSC elements embedded between them with a special fabric.

This design uses two solid wood frames which are connected by the SSC string system. The four tensioning elements inside the frame construction allow you to re-tension the string system as needed.

The inner supporting frame is hung in the string assembly and carries the upper plate with the HiFi device. This upper plate simply rests flat on the inner frame. The effect of the SSC CLASSIC base is independent of the string tension; just make sure that there are no other contact points between the frames, apart from the strings.

Using a somewhat softer or tighter adjustment the sound result may be altered by nuances. The pre-tensioning has already been done at the factory. Since our custom-made string wire material will barely stretch even over a prolonged period of time, you will have to re-tension the strings only at rare intervals.

The SSC audio technology has been developed with the ambition to create a sound improvement for different kinds of audio devices. Provided they have no sub chassis, CD players, amplifiers and turntables will therefore benefit in sonic terms from the SSC CLASSIC base.

Even with already superbly decoupled HiFi racks one can still further raise the sound quality bar higher with the SSC Audio CLASSIC base. And it won't matter if the rack is made of glass, wood or metal. The sound improvement clearly manifests itself with a better spatiality, enhanced dynamics and a pronounced bass and fundamental range.

The SSC audio technology will bring more calmness and harmony into the soundscape, accompanied by a greater dynamic range.

SSC Audio Base Classic Specifications

  • Base classic: L440mm x W360mm x H60mm
  • Black, white,silver, beech and several wood surfaces
  • Special Dimensions: Ask dealer for details
  • Load capacity: 60 Kg per unit
SSC Base Classic SSC Base Classic SSC Base Classic SSC Base Classic