SSC Audio Bases

SSC Audio SSC Audio (Suspension String Concept) have producing high quality isolation devices for audio enthusiasts and music lovers since 1997, Hand built and designed in Germany to exacting standards. Over the years the professional audio press has been very positive towards SSC Audio and it's great sounding and sensibly priced products.

Easy to position, using SSC feet which are fitted to the underside of the base patforms it is possible to make quality improvements to the overall sound of a HiFi system or to the quality of an AV system.

SSC Audio are engineered and made in Germany, they are a high quality but cost effective upgrade which can make a very positive difference to your audio system.

Possible improvements that can benefit your customers systems include:- lower noise floor, better sense of musical timing, inner detail retrieval, greater instrument separation. Whether using Minibases, Solobases, Twinbases, our superb turntable wall shelf or the Base classic SSC delivers great sound for a modest outlay.

SSC Audio bases can benefit components such as: CD players, Streamers, Amplifiers, Turntables, DVD and Blue Ray players, Dac's and seperate power supplies.

Engineered and made in Germany, they are a high quality but cost effective upgrade.Very few isolatio devices delivery consistant repeatable improvements in the same vien as SSC Audio's ranges of vibration control base platforms.

SSC Audio Base Range