SSC Liftpoints

SSC Liftpoints

SSC Liftpoint Equipment Isolation.

These SSC liftpoint feet are available in two height sizes either 16 or 35mm tall. Both variants are continuously variable in height. The range of settimngs can vary between 7 mm and 10 mm allowing the user to accomedate his / her equipment and speakers to produce an even standing on either audio rack or floor no matter how uneven they mayby. The SSC Liftpoints equipment feet are particularly suited for a placement under turntables, amplifiers, high end CD player and digital to analogue converters. Ideal also for subwoofers, or floor standing speakers.

Included with the SSC liftpoints are M6 and M8 threaded adaptors to allow you to screw your equipment directly to or simply placed upon the SSC LIFTPOINT 1.6 / 3.5 feet if required. The solid design of these equipment feet does justice even to top-class audio components, combined with the SSC string technology, it brings a better natural balance and greater sense of ease to the music coupled with improvements to the sound staging. This can lead to creating a more detailed reproduction and a noticeable improvement of spatiality.

Depending on the equipment involved the owner may opt to use either three or four feet in relation to his audio system requirements.

SSC Liftpoints Specifications

  • Bodymaterial: full aluminium
  • Height-adjustable: 7 to 10mm
  • Weight: 145g
  • Height: either 16mm or 35mm
  • Load capacity: 15Kg per unit
  • Adaptors: M6 and M8 included
  • Isoltaion system: string suspension concept
SSC Liftpoints SSC LiftPoints SSC LiftPoints SSC LiftPoints SSC LiftPoints SSC LiftPoints