SSC Audio MatchPoints Series

SSC Audio Matchpoints

The SSC Audio Matchpoints are brand new unit bases which have been designed for very high-quality, heavy audio, home cinema equipment and speakers. The SSC Audio Matchpoint isolation pucks have been developed with a brand new proprietary three-division tissue carrier which allows for a higher weight load to be supported. This then ensures through the new three-ring system with the SSC Audio custom serration patterns of the outer ring to provide a significantly improved resonance response behavior compared to the standard Netpoint series. The energy is thus dissipated to far greater degree across a broader frequency range. Sonic benefits which can be achieved when using the SSC Audio Matchpionts can result in a noticeable improvement which demonstrates the possibility of greater spatiality, dynamic response and a lower noise floor to the music over and above the standard SSC Audio Netpoint Puck series. The SSC Audio Matchpoint series housing is constructed from a high quality anodized aluminum in which the SSC three element core is processed with a diameter of 62.0 mm. The SSC Audio MATCHPOINT can be used as Puck, be as used as a screw base (With supplied threaded adapters), also a variant with spike modules are available.

SSC Audio MatchPoints Specifications:

  • MatchPoint 100: felt top
  • MatchPoint 200: threaded type
  • MatchPoint 300: spike top
  • Weight capacity: 25kg per puck
  • Diameter: 65mm
  • Puck height; 15mm
SSC Audio Matchpoints SSC Audio Matchpoints SSC Audio Matchpoints SSC Audio Matchpoints