SSC Audio Mini Bases

SSC Mini Bases

The SSC Audio Minibase has been custom-designed this base especially for phono-stages, pre-power-amplifiers and power supply units. All of these components would benefit greatly from the use of a SSC Audio component base such as the Mini-base.

The SSC concept is based around a wooden slab with absorbing and sound improving elements directly connected with the SSC's special fabric interfaces at the bottom of the base. The SSC Audio technology was developed to help improve and enhance the various aspects of audio components.

SSC's Audio Minibase can demonstrate greater dynamics, improved bass response coupled with a greater tonal quality. The SSC technology can produce a greater sense of naturalness to sound, by way of reducing distortion, also produce a more solid three dimensional sound and deeper textural renderings.

The SSC Audio Minibase is specially designed for small pieces of equipment, power supplies, phono stages and small mains conditioners, though special sizes are available to order speak to your local NuNu Distribution dealer for more details.

One of the Germany's most respected HiFi Magazines reported : 'The SSC technology is really a big progress'

SSC Audio Minibase Specifications

  • Minibase 200: L200mm x W130mm x H25mm
  • Minibase XL: L280mm x W130mm x H25mm
  • Colour: Black others available
  • Special Dimensions: Ask dealer for details
  • Load capacity: 50Kg per unit
SSC Mini Bases SSC Mini Bases SSC Mini Bases SSC Mini Bases