SSC Audio Netpoints

SSC Audio Netpoints

Here at SSC Audio we devised an entirely new webbing to improve or isolation pucks and bases. This new webbing material was integrated into the "SSC Audio sandwich" the basis of the isolation construction of the devices.

The SSC Audio Netpoints are extremely convincing due to their elastic force, firmness and can demonstrate a very positive change of sound. You can just place the NETPOINT 100 under your audio, home cinema equipment and loudspeakers. With the Netpoint 200 you can also firmly attach it by using the supplied threaded inserts to screw into the original feet mounting area threads. For those pieces of audio equipment that run spikes the Netpoint 300 is the perfect solution for you.

You can easily remove the felt glider of the Netpoint 100! While the SSC Audio Netpoints are found to be very flexible and easily deferred in all directions, due to the previous string- or rather webbing material, the new SSC NETPOINT 100 is equipped with very taut webbing and a much harder substrate. This generates a more dynamic sound and an outstanding sense of space. Therefore, amplifiers, CD players, Dac's, Streamers and the loudspeakers can benefit by using these SSC Audio Netpoint pucks.

A great upgrade on the standard feet fitted to your audio equipment, will help enhance high quality audio equipment with the SSC's usual path by demonstrating an open, natural, dynamic and flowing sound that will give greater listening pelasure.

SSC Audio Netpoints Specifications:

  • Netpoint 100: felt top
  • Netpoint 200: threaded type
  • netpoint 300: spike top
  • Weight capacity: 15kg per puck
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Puck height: 14/13/12mm respectively
SSC Audio Netpoints SSC Audio Netpoints SSC Audio Netpoints SSC Audio Netpoints