SSC Audio Pucks

SSC Audio Netpoints , Contact 200, Matchpoints, Magicpoints were designed with an entirely new webbing materical which was integrated into the Sandwich construction of the devices. The Netpoints are extremely convincing in their operation due to its elastic force and firmness of the product that can bring about a positive chnage in the sound. You can just place the SSC Audio NETPOINTS under your devices but you can also firmly attach it by screwing them into the O.E. feet position by means of the supplied thread adapters (Netpoint 200). The new SSC NETPOINTs is equipped with very taut webbing and a much harder substrate. This generates a more dynamic sound and an outstanding sense of space.Therefore, also the amplifier, the CD player and the loudspeakers profit by using these pucks.

Easy to position, using SSC feet it is possible to make amazing improvements to the sound of a HiFi system or to the quality of an AV system.

100, 200 and 300 are identical products.The 200 model in each series however has a threaded hole to use the supplied adapters for direct coupling to the equipment chassis once removal of the O.E. feet has been achieved. The 300 model in each series has a tapered cavity for setting all audio equipment with metal spikes.

Engineered and made in Germany, they are a high quality but cost effective upgrade to many audio and home cinema systems.

SSC Audio Puck Range