SSC Audio Solobase

SSC Audio Solobase

The construction consists of one wooden plate. On the bottom side of this plate are a total 11 of SSC-elements. The SSC technology is designed to support the sound of different audio components, for instance: All source components, amplifiers, mains conditioners, sub woofers and floorstanding speakers.

SSC's Audio Solobase can demonstrate greater dynamics, improved bass response coupled with a greater tonal quality. The SSC technology can produce a greater sense of naturalness to sound, by way of reducing distortion, also produce a more solid three dimensional sound and deeper textural renderings.

The SSC SOLOBASE can also be used for solving any problems with subwoofers and floor standing speakers so suspended wooden floors can be tamed as well..

It is possible to use the SSC SOLOBASE in metal or glass HiFi racks, in wooden side boards or on the floor. In each case the SSC SOLOBASE will support and improve the sound with better dynamics, more grip and presence in the bass and better overall coherence through the tonal range.

The SSC technology is able to give a feeling of relaxation and of reduced distortion, a greater sense of body to instrumental images and a wider variety of tonal colours.

SSC Audio Solobase Specifications

  • Solobase: L440mm x W360mm x H25mm
  • Special colours and finishes are available.
  • Special Dimensions: Ask dealer for details
  • Load capacity: 80Kg per unit
SSC Audio Solobase SSC Audio Solobase SSC Audio Solobase SSC Audio Solobase