SSC Audio Wallbase

SSC Wallbase

SSC Audio have custom-designed this base especially for turntables, since impact sound will indeed curtail the audiophile analogue listening pleasure. Its concept is based on two wooden slabs with the absorbing and sound-improving SSC elements embedded between them with a special fabric.

All possible fixing combinations are catered for by SSC to cover all wall types and materials. Using the SSC Audio Wallshelf gives great pleasure by way of improved listenability and enjoyment.

The SSC Audio technology was developed for the sound enhancement of various audio components. With turntables a wall fixing is quite recommended.

The sound improvement achieved by the SSC Audio technology is clearly audible, producing better spatiality and greater dynamics. Plus it makes the sound image more stress-free and well-balanced.

The standard dimensions of the SSC Audio WALLBASE have been chosen to accommodate a turntable with an external motor drive and mains transformer. SO keeping your prized urntable safe, secure and vibration free is our prime goal with the SSC Wallbase.

Special dimensions can be manufactured to order along with various wood finishes and colours.

SSC Audio Wall base Specifications

  • Wallbase: L500mm x W500mm x H50mm
  • Minibase XL: L280mm x W130mm x H25mm
  • Colour: Black, white, silver beech
  • Special Dimensions: Ask dealer for details
  • Load capacity: 30Kg per unit
SSC Audio Wallbase SSC Audio Wallbase SSC Audio Wallbase SSC Audio Wallbase