Belles Aria Mono Amplifier

Belles Aria Mono Amplifier

Simplicity. It has been a cornerstone of David Belles audio design philosophy for nearly 40 years. Over that span of time each successive generation of Belles amplifier or preamplifier has surpassed the last. And yet all have embodied the same mantra of simplicity. Form is driven by function. A straight line is the shortest circuit path.

Consistent with this long-standing tenet, Belles has moved to the next logical level. Introducing the Aria Monoblock Power Amplifier! Why build a monoblock amp? Here are just a few great reasons: zero amplifier crosstalk broad soundstage signal isolation dedicated power supply for each stereo channel noticeably superior imaging increased power output from an already superb amplifier circuit.

A cogent addition to the Aria audio family, The Aria Monoblock Amplifier shares many key features found in the critically acclaimed Aria Integrated Amplifier. The base chassis, torroid power transformer, high current power supply and amplifier circuitry are all the same. The thick, brushed front panel is configured only with a momentary power switch and green LED power indicator. Rather than two power stages, the monoblock operates but one channel. Faithful to the Belles design philosophy, the amplifier circuit is laid out in a straight-line path. Yes, it is physically understated. In fact it looks attractive, but plain. But wait until you hear it!

The design is truly state of the art. Belles products are well known for their use of carefully selected, high-grade components. This applies to every stage of the signal path, as well as mechanical hardware. The power amplifier effortlessly outputs 112 watts into 8 ohms and is a discrete, fully complimentary configuration utilizing MOSFET transistor output stages. The heat sink hardware and interface is designed for efficient thermal conductivity.

The technical embodiments of this amplifier are simply a means to an end. As with all Belles products, the objective is to create a musical delivery system which is as faithful as possible to the source. Of course, pretty much all audio companies make this claim. We invite you to visit a Belles dealer. Bring some of your favorite recordings and run the amp through its paces. You will discover a truly superlative audio experience does not have to come at a high price.

Specifications Aria Mono Amplifier

  • Inputs 1 pair of rca's
  • Outputs 1 pair of high quality speaker terminals
  • Power rating 112W (Rms) per channel @ 8 ohms
  • Power rating 175W (Rms) per channel @ 4 ohms
  • Frequency Response 0.6Hz - 100Khz +/-3dB
  • Damping factor over 2000 @ 1Khz
  • Current delivery >18 amps
  • Input sensitivity 1.2 VRMS for 75Wrms
  • Crosstalk over 60dB
  • Noise over 100 dB A weighted
  • Input Impedance 47K omhs
  • weight 9.5kg's
  • Size 420mm W x 79mm x H 356mm D
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