Belles LA-01 Gen II Pre Amplifier

Belles LA-01 Gen II Preamplifier

The new Belles LA-01 Gen II Remote Line Stage Solid State Preamplifier features state of the art performance. The LA-01 Gen II achieves its ultimate in musical performance by keeping the signal path as simple and direct as possible. In order to accomplish this, it uses a totally minimalist design approach. No tape loop, tape outputs, home cinema bypass or any other interface to contaminate the signal path. This preamplifier is strictly a dedicated stereo pre-amplifier of the highest calibre, for those wishing to immerse themselves inside the envelope of 'pure musical connection'.

The Belles LA-01 gen II uses a ultra high quality separate power supply, housed in an dedicated enclosure that is perfect match to the preamplifier structure. The power supply is balanced designed with four stages of decoupling to totally isolate it from the incoming mains power line, making it seem like a battery powered unit. The serious materials used in the LA-01 aids in providing a rigid structure to eliminate mechanical feedback vibrations. For, example the top and button covers are constructed from 6mm thick aluminium. The side and rear panels are 9mm thick aluminium and the front panel is 14mm aluminium. The enclosure is decoupled from its mounting surface with Black Ravioli O.E. feet

The LA-01 gen II has four unbalanced stereo line inputs and two main stereo unbalanced outputs. The line stage has an ultra low distortion high input impedance direct-coupled amplifier with zero output impedance. The output stage features power mosfets which can drive the power amplifier hard to produce incredibly dynamic and realistic sound.

The Belles LA-01 Gen II preamplifier reproduces every detail of the music with clarity openness and a sweetness that has not been heard in this guise and price point before.

The LA-01 Gen II Specifications

  • Four line inputs
  • Two line outputs
  • Input Imped 100K Ohms
  • Output Imped 0.1 Ohms
  • Hum and noise >100dB A weighted
  • Frequency response 0.2 Hz to 200KHz +/- 3dB
  • X/talk immeasurable between inputs
  • Max output 30Vrms
  • Distortion less than .001% THD
  • Size 432mm W x 330mm x D 89mm H
  • Shipping Weight 10Kg PSU
  • Shipping Weight 14Kg Pre amp
  • Belles LA-01 Preamplifier Belles LA-01 Preamplifier Belles LA-01 Preamplifier Belles LA-01 Preamplifier