Belles Reference

Reference is a much banded about 'buzz word' in audio circles usually giving rise to the 'ultimate' in a given product range. Until the next 'uber' word is used to indicate an upgrade on 'reference'

Belles 'Reference' range of products is aimed at those discerning music lovers looking for an enjoyable and involving sound that delivers long term listening pleasure coupled with excellent performance

This range of equipment offers superb performance for cost ratio, as well great sounds, understated looks and solid build quality echo throughout the reference range

The Belles 22A valve hybrid pre amplifier offers superb musicality and flexibility at a advantageous price. The A28 pre amplifier offers a step up in performance and has an option of a phono stage.

The Belles 150 ref has recently been upgraded to the V2 model, a serious amplifier in any ones book, lovely texture and body, yet articulate and flowing with superb bass control and detail a real gem of an amplifier. For those looking for a do it all power house the 350A fits the bill perfectly, its effortless power and headroom will drive virtually any speaker with ease, a big slightly warm sound, with a large sound stage, coupled with stunning bass and openness, fits most UK racks as well another star performer from the Belles Stable.

New for 2013 in the reference stable from Belles the 10A pre-amplifier superseding the 28A pre amplifier. A slimmer height due to the separate power supply, has allowed power modules to incorporate a very high quality phono stage (Both MM & MC), a USB dac (Using Wolfson's highly praised WM8740 24/192Khz chipset). The 10A delivers a superb wide open sound, with delicacy and great tonal quality. Stereo separation on the A10 is simply world class. Highly engaging and thoroughly musical with a natural fluid presentation that gives realistic long term listenibility. Phono stage performance matches the pre amplifier perfectly, genuinely offering a serious phono stage that caters for both moving coil and magnet. The 10A delivers superb performance with total system control flexibility.

Belles Reference Range