Brodmann Acoustics Vienna Classic VC1

Brodmann Acoustics VC1

The VC 1 may seem at first a rather modest floor-standing speaker. But there's nothing diminutive about its sound. After only a few notes, you will hear what the VC 1 was developed to do: seduce you into fully concentrating on the music. Do not be fooled by its small dimensions, you will feel the full dynamics and presence of a live concert. The VC 1 wants to be your constant musical companion and delivers many years of genuine musical satisfaction.

The Vienna Classic line is the fascinating result of landmark engineering, art in harmonic interplay with precision workmanship, and a technical solution fine tuned to the very last detail. Power and composure unite in a velvety soft and yet very detailed sound that will charm your senses in a way never before experienced from a mere speaker. Musicians are naturally discerning listeners of music. Many, such as composer/singer Lionel Richie and the late jazz legend Oscar Peterson, compare the sound quality of a speaker system to the original sound of the instruments, not a sound wiped clean of the dynamics unique to the instrument or performance. The key lies in the complexity of the cabinetwork.

The wide range of veneers and colours available make the speaker systems a design asset to any environment. Impressive in appearance and performance, with the Vienna Classic speakers, you hear the true sound of instruments delivered by a true instrument. Perfection, simply achieved.

Vienna Classic 1 specifications:

  • Frequency range 35-25Khz +/-3dB
  • Acoustical Active 130 Hz - 4.5 dB/oct
  • Electrical 1.45 kHz - 6 dB/oct
  • Operational Output: 2.0 Watt for 91 dB/m
  • Nominal load 60Wrms
  • Music load 120Wrms
  • Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
  • Size 927mm H x 160mm x D 245mm W
  • Weight 13 Kg
Brodmann Acoustics VC1 Brodmann Acoustics VC1 Brodmann Acoustics VC1 Brodmann Acoustics VC1