Brodmann Acoustics Vienna Classic VC2

Brodmann Acoustics VC2

The sound you will hear with the VC 2 has the ability to fill you with enthusiasm for your favourite sounds and inspires you with a light-hearted enjoyment of all music genres. All details of Brodmann's mid-sized floor-standing Vienna classic speaker system are ideally in tune with each other.

The VC 2 demonstrates great linearity and superb tonal balance to delivery that being there feeling. The Brodmann VC 2 will meet every musical style you place upon it, with its superb ability to reproduce the sound of a violin with beautiful poise and delicacy. Or conversely the sound of an Fender Stratocaster on full vibrato or Gibson guitar having a lesson in finger picking at the hands of a master the Brodmann VC 2 reproduces these sounds with effortless ease.

The size of the VC2 belies its true potential to truly transport you to your favourite musical event without fuss or drama with a naturally musical sound.

Brodmann's experiance is making world class piano's can easily been seen and heard in their speaker designs, with rich tonal qualities, superb sustain and decay of the notes coupled with a true linear sound with taut articulate bass that is happy at home with Dire Straits as it is with Mozart, the VC 2's can transport you to your own musical nirvana whilst looking like a million dollars.

Brodmann Acoustics Vienna Classic 2 specifications:

  • Frequency range 31-25Khz +/-3dB
  • Acoustical Active 130 Hz - 4.5 dB/oct
  • Electrical 2.15 kHz - 6 dB/oct
  • Operational Output: 1.7 Watt for 91 dB/m
  • Nominal load 90Wrms
  • Music load 180Wrms
  • Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
  • Size 1110mm H x 168mm x D 304mm W
  • Weight 23 Kg
Brodmann Acoustics VC2 Brodmann Acoustics VC2 Brodmann Acoustics VC2 Brodmann Acoustics VC2