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All of the Creaktiv Systems Boxit audio rack systems are constructed to a very high standard of workmanship starting with our Trend line of supports right up to the Bentley of isolation equipment then Creaktiv systems has the solutions for you. Our products have the option of being equipped with our revolutionary ci²p technology which has the ability to reduce the electromagnetic interference around your system. This dramatically improves the performance of your components resulting in a more natural relaxed sound, a reduction in colouration and more spatial holistic soundstage.

Creaktiv 's BoxIt system is a completely new designer inspired range of furniture for audio equipment designed to give you a beautiful contemporary Lifestyle look that would fit comfortably in your home. The BoxIt range has three options, two of which can easily be mounted on the wall. The BoxIt wall to open version encompasses a discrete cable management system that will allow all wires to be hidden away; whilst remaining sonically perfect. A BoxIt Wall unit needs can easily accommodate any other household items you wish to display, easily becoming part of the furniture in your home whilst giving you understated style and flexibility of use.

Creaktiv's BoxIt Floor unit is a completely new designer art and/or audio hifi piece of furniture that would grace any living room. During the development of the BoxIt the designers not only looked at the sonic benefits of the unit but all other aspects were considered to maximize functionality and design to complement your home. All the equipment is mechanically decoupled from one another electrically shielded whilst individually adjustable to ensure best possible sonic performance but a highly desirable aesthetic style. A BoxIt Floor unit can be manufactured in single, double or triple widths. Should you wish you can be provided with a removable back that can swing aside to allow you access to all your cables.

BoxIt Turntable is the perfect stylish solution to help enhance the performance of your turntable by decoupling it from the floor. With a generous load capacity up to 60 kg and the option of either an open or closed front to the unit which gives you the option for another device, or phono preamp etc. In addition to the standard heights (150/200/300 mm) you can also order special dimensions. Whether with an open box, with drawer, flap or simply only with alternate flat, the Boxit Turntable is always an eye-catcher and emphasizes the elegance of a turntable it supports.

Special size, finish or colours are available according to your choice as it is made specifically for you. Being bespoke the BoxIt can be made in a variety of colours. Creaktiv 's BoxIt is also modular in the style/format that you want and coupled with the cable management options offer a true all round furniture system to be proud of.

Creaktiv Systems Boxit Ranges