Oracle Audio Delphi MK VI Gen II Turntable

Oracle Audio Delphi VI GEN II

New for summer 2015 Oracle introduces the Delphi Mk VI Generation II.

Jacques Riedeau back in the Oracle saddle after a few years sabbatical, wished to raise the performance of Delphi to another level, taking on board some of the original notions and critiques, Jacques and his engineering guru Stephane set about this task with a passion and dedication rarely seen in the audio industry.

Now sporting a Turbo II power supply, greater AC motor torque control and delivery, plus the new two piece platter (a totally new direction for the Delphi model) all adds up to wonderfully musical, open window on sound reproduction, utterly seamless and totally natural the new Oracle Delphi Mk VI Gen II resets the standards of analogue playback systems.

New suspension pillars and feet (fully adjustable) are now constructed from delrin (a nylon hybrid / derivative) this provides greater interface against vibrations travelling between the resting place of the deck and the platter improving clarity, bass depth and openness. Next a new bearing material (delrin / telfon mix), redesigned housing, spindle modifications, and a new oil all combine to reduce the possibility of vibration getting through to platter and being transferred to the cartridge. The final piece of the puzzle being filled by the micro vibrational damping system, a series of three independent reservoirs filled with ultra viscous silicone fluid, three plungers (again fully adjustable) that enable you to 'dial in' quite simply breath taking performance. All these design improvements culminate in a simply stunning piece of musical engineering.

The appearance of the Oracle Mk VI Gen II is elegant, exotic, legendary... A beautifully built open chassis turntable offering world class attention to detail and finishing at all stages of manufacture.

Simply one of the most musically involving and natural sounding decks available today!

Oracle Audio Delphi MK VI Gen II Specifications

  • Suspension:tripedal mounting
  • Platter : two piece hub aerospace aluminum
  • Platter weight: 5Kg
  • Speed selection : 33 and 45, adjustable
  • Motor: AC dual current drive
  • Turntable weight : 20Kg Acrylic base
  • Turntable weight : 28Kg Granite base
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