Quadral Speakers and Electronics

Quadral Speakers and Electronics

NuNu Distribution has been appointed the official UK and Ireland distributors for these technically advanced and great sounding speakers. Here at NuNu we have long been admirers of the great international brand. Now you can sample some of these wonderful products, through our UK dealer network.

The all Group was formed in Hannover by H.-D. Hoffmann, H. Pabel, H. Enders and F. Hofmann in 1972. From the start it was divided into two divisions: all-electronic, concentrating on industrial production and investment and all-akustik, focusing on the import and marketing of entertainment electronics.

What we do is based on many years of experience and understanding of acoustics and materials incorporating mastery of the laws of physics. Patience and an instinctive play a large part of how we determine between good and outstanding. Quadral has always stood for state-of-the-art technology at the very highest level across all spectrums of speaker design. That's something you hear right away in Quadral's design philosophy. Our loudspeakers blend effortlessly into your home environment. Each Quadral loudspeaker is the result of honest, painstaking work. Which is your guarantee for pure, unadulterated listening pleasure.

Quadral' s skill in producing quality loudspeakers which deliver wide, sweet open treble, lovely tonal texture and clean deep articulate bass. All wrapped up in some beautifully finished bodywork with a very enticing purchase price all go to make Quadral long established brand a must seek out audition here in the UK

Quadral also design and build an exciting range of high quality affordable electronics to match their Aurum speaker range. Aurum electronics is particularly committed to one goal to guarantee the highest sound purity. Not just for capturing the moment right now, however for the long term musical satisfaction. The finest technology forms its backbone as well as genuine German engineering ingenuity and craftsmanship all go into the construction of the Aurum range of complimentary electronics.

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