Renaissance RAP-02 MK II Pre Amplifier

RAP-02 Pre Amplifier

New for summer 2014 Renaissance Amplification have released a second generation of their highly successful RA series of products. Improving not just the sound quality but also the aesthetics.

Renaissance Amplification's goal with the MK II RA series pre amplifiers was to not just improve the sonics, yet bring the RA series of pre amplifiers in line with the styling and remote control ability of the their superb Unity pre amplifier. Now sporting a full remote control digital display the new MK II RA pre amplifiers are better than ever.

The addition of these improvements imbibe the RA series of amplifiers with a sense of increased control, naturalness and musicality, no mean feat considering the previous incarnation's ability to captivate the listener.

These understated but highly effective components will bring you genuine taste of high-end performance for a modest outlay. Designed purely for performance and easy of use, they have minimal features as Renaissance decided that conveying maximum musical information with the minimum of controls was the ethos on these particular products.

For example, the RAP-02 preamplifier uses a far more involved switched attenuator volume control as opposed to a motorised potentiometer to obtain maximum clarity. The cool-running RA-02 power amplifiers are simple but very well constructed by design. It turns out that by specifying parts that are way beyond the design critera, the electronic circuitry can be much less complicated than conventional designs. You enjoy the double benefits of superb reliability and less disruption to the signal which in turn delivers more enjoyable music.

Renaissance Amplification RAP-02 Specifications:

  • Frequency response 20Hz to 100KHz
  • Input Imped: 75 Ohms
  • Input Imped: 100K Ohms
  • Distortion: 20Hz to 20Khz 0.045% - 0.068%
  • Size 453mm W x 345mm x D 65mm H
  • Weight 7kg
RAP-02 Pre Amplifier RAP-02 Pre Amplifier RAP-02 Pre Amplifier RAP-02 Pre Amplifier