Renaissance Amplification Unity 100 Stereo Amplifier

Unity 100 Stereo Amplifier

The simplest way to describe listening with the Unity 100 is simply to say that so far, the most discriminating listeners have found very hard to complain about.

To say that Unity 100 amplifier is unusual would be an understatement in several respects. The good news for you is that the Unity 100 allows you to have your cake and eat it, so to speak. This amplifier is capable of revealing the sublest of nuances and is also capable of driving the most awkward of loudspeakers to extremely high levels. It does this in a confident, unflappable way without drawing attention to itself.

This remarkable model cannot be described as simple. The full technical description does not belong here but it is worth mentioning that the circuit manages to achieve vanishingly low distortion figures at all levels whilst not resorting to overall negative feedback. It is also worth noting that the Unity 100 can control enormous currents if required and manages to do this at impressively high speed.

The overall result is that you find it difficult to notice that the amplifier is there: at all listening levels it manages to become almost sonically invisible just letting the music flow through.

Hifi News Measured performance Feb 2013:

  • Power: 125W (Rms) per channel @ 8 ohms
  • Power: 240W (Rms) per channel @ 4 ohms
  • Peak Current: 40 amps
  • Freq Responce: 20Hz to 100khz (+/-0.1dB)
  • Distortion: 20Hz to 20Khz 0.0045% - 0.0068%
  • Input Imped: 75 Ohms
  • Output Imped: 100K Ohms
  • Weight 20Kg
  • Size 453mm W x 345mm x D 122mm H
Unity 100 Stereo Amplifier Unity 100 Stereo Amplifier Unity 100 Stereo Amplifier Unity 100 Stereo Amplifier