Sonneteer Sedley Phono Stage

Sonneteer Sedley

Sitting between your record player and hifi system the Sonneteer Sedley brings life to your vinyl recordings. Familiar to many as the 'Phono' input on your hifi, the Sedley takes this essential piece of electronics circuitry and places a very advanced version into its own unique fully discrete phono stage that exudes musicality.

The Sonneteer Sedley is the Winner of 2 Audio Excellence Awards from Japan (in its standard and USB formats) as well as being exceptionally well received by the hifi glitterati and aficionados. What HiFi bestowed a 5 star award upon it and Hifi World, amongst others, heaped further praise saying, On Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes, for instance, her vocals were hauntingly pure; I just stopped taking notes and listened to the album all the way through to quote but one of many.

Sonneteer's Sedley phono stage is one of those products that one you listen you wonder why you have never owned one before, simple and elegant, performing way above it station the Sedley delivers superb musical sounds at a very realistic outlay.

As with all Sonneteer's products they can be made in special bespoke colours to match your room decor or equipment please enquire at your local NuNu Distribution dealer.

Sonnteer Sedley Specification

  • Nominal Input impedance 47K Ohms
  • Selectable input impedance 1K 47 100 220 Ohms
  • Selectable input capacitance 10pf 47pf 100pf 220pf
  • Input sensitivity 0.5mV MC, 5mV MM
  • Main unit size 434mm X 64mm X 280mm
  • Weight main unit 4kg
Sonneteer Sedley Sonneteer Sedley Sonneteer Sedley Sonneteer Sedley