Brodmann Acoustic Speakers

Brodmann Acoustics

NuNu Distribution has been appointed the official UK and Ireland distributors for these beautiful sounding and great looking speakers. Here at NuNu we have long been admirers of the great international brand. Now you can sample some of these wonderful products, through our UK dealer network.

Brodmann loudspeakers have recently had their successful introduction to the market after taking over the Bosendorfer range of speakers. The previous range has been extensively revised and new models added to bring an even greater realisation of true music reproduction. You will clearly hear and appreciate the various differences between piano manufacturers like Steinway and Brodmann etc. If you appreciate genuine music realism then these could be the ultimate speakers for you.

Many values change over the years. The value of music, however, renews with each generation. Music reaches the very depth of our being with an inspiring, sensual influence on our awareness of life. Living with music means living with passion, beauty, and style. It means listening with Brodmann.

Every speaker system and every instrument they produce is a direct reflection of their passion for music. Many at Brodmann are active musicians themselves. They take great pride in tirelessly researching new technologies and procedures to improve their products, which they consider their works of art.

The Brodmann speaker systems and their instruments have an essential common element: the distinctive and highly valued Brodmann sound. Dynamic and Natural. Their build speakers not as mere vessels, but as instruments themselves.

We invite you to listen. If you love music as we do, the sound you will hear from our speaker systems just might make you fall in love all over again.

Brodmann Acoustic Ranges