Renaissance Amplification Valve amplifiers

With Renaissance valve amplification you can expect natural sounding music conveyed with confidence, honesty and stability: if that's what goes in, that's what will come out with an ease of listening and musicality that will be beautifully intoxicating.

Designed as a thoroughly practical amplification for everyday use, Renaissance vintage-looking amplifiers convey musical performances in a thoroughly natural and exquisitely convincing way. Coupled with superb build quality and long lasting reliability thaat will produce superb quality music for many years totally trouble free.

Those of you looking for that special, natural, fluid, musically engaging sound then Renaissance Amplification Valve selction is a must audition. Renaissance Amplification design philosophy encompasses not just the tradition sonic traits that high quality valves are expect to produce, but also the construction of the power supply and circuit construction also deliver a dynamic, rhythmic sound capable of driving speakers that would not necessarily be assocaited with 300b's. When Rafal Todes reviewed the RA-01's for Hifi World may 2013 edition he used a pair of Quad 57's and found the Renaissance RA-01 quite a revelation! Also used on the review were Cabasse's Pacific 3SA speakers, even trying the B & W 802D's.

Renaissance Amplification valve products have been fimly designed with music lovers in mind, coupled with their ability to drive speaker loads which are not characteristically valve friendly they all add up to a superbly engaging and entertaing package.

Renaissance Amplification Valve Components